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Fix them fast or lose your startup.

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“Software is eating the world,” said Silicon Valley venture capitalist, Marc Andreessen. The world around us is fast-changing and fast-growing from a bricks-and-mortars village to a clicks-and-orders city. And the frontiers of the new order are startups.

From Silicon Valley to Yabacon Valley, these economic powerhouses are popping up at…

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Chess is my new love.

Strategy and victory are brothers I so much cherish. That’s why I am in business and write about leadership.

It is an intense craving for me — a little way to show you I think a lot.

I have defeated two of my opponents today. As the standing champion expect nothing less than my belief in my hot hand, a fallacy.

See you in the next round where I castle with my King for a long reign.

This is titbit, a burst of feelings and emotions. A kick of words to splash the joy right between the heart.

Have a day full of victory!

the pain of execution.

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Get back to work, lazy lad!

Do what’s right today, and tomorrow. Do it for ever.

This is not a poetic outpour. It is not a scout for the right words. To meet the right image. For the purpose of rightness.

It is a silent whisper of light from your dark dreams. To a message from your slumber that strives to keep you awake.

To ride the bicycle of freedom, better be ready for the eel pains.

Buckle up for the journey ahead. Keep a fine coat and a rag.

Winter is coming!


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